About Love Jesse Designs

My passion to create jewelry began in my late teens. I loved jewelry and really wasn't able to afford anything fancy - so once, on a walk through Greenwich Village I found a small shop that sold beads and findings. I bought some pliers and went to work and have continued to make jewelry ever since.

A few years later, now with a small child in my life, I enrolled in night classes at FIT where I learned to work in fine metals. It was around this time that I met a jewelry designer, Elizabeth Lindsay, who lived across the street from my Aunt and a few short blocks from my then 7 year old son's school. She offered me a job as a bench worker and I jumped at that opportunity. Sometimes life puts opportunities in your path that you nearly have to trip over not to take.

I was a scared young jeweler at my first job at the bench making beautiful Sterling silver and 18K gold jewelry for an actual designer. This was a life changing moment for me. 

Eventually Elizabeth moved from her Hoboken home and studio and I went on to take a job with one of the biggest jewelry companies in NYC. 

During the last two decades I have worked as a merchandiser and designer for some of the largest jewelry companies in NYC.  I have designed fine jewelry collections carried in Major Department stores as well as fine Independent Jewelry Stores around the USA and in other countries. 

Though I enjoyed my job in the corporate jewelry world, my passion to work with my hands again took hold.  I very much enjoy the process of working with Silver and Gold and the bench was beckoning. 

In the last few years my band has also become very busy and it seemed the only way to continue doing the things I truly enjoy would be to take a brave leap out of corporate America.

In June of 2016 I resigned from my job and split my focus between music (Psychic TV) and Love Jesse Designs. 

All of my jewelry is made with my two hands in my studio close to the ocean in New Jersey.  The sounds of the sea and the smell of the salt air inspire me.

I use only recycled metals and conflict free gemstones which I hand select from notable vendors.  The boxes I use are of 100% recycled cardboard covered with recycled paper and a poly-fill wadding that will not cause tarnish. 

Love Jesse Designs is named after my son (Jesse Nahem 1988-2013). During the time I was packing our Hoboken home to move, I discovered many handmade cards from my son that I had saved over the years, all signed Love Jesse. It seemed perfect to me that I should use his signature as well as a happy skull face graffiti symbol he used as our logo.  Love Jesse is a way for me to keep his memory alive as I carry him in my heart on my continued journey through life.

You can contact me at LoveJesseDesigns@gmail.com with any questions.  I'm happy to work on custom projects and can alter necklace lengths and ring, bracelet sizes.  If there is a particular stone you wish to have instead of what is shown or offered please ask. 

Thank you for visiting!